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Serving God's people for 227 years.

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St Paul's Lutheran Church has a long and interesting history... as the following suggests:

1767 - Application made to the British government for the land on which the present church stands.

Dec 28, 1776 - Simon Marburger enters warrant in land office for a tract of land called "Devotions" in which was then Brunswig Township, Berks County.

Mar 7, 1782- Lutheran and reformed churches form union congregation. Building started.

1784 - St. Paul's units with first Lutheran synod.  Official organization date.

June 1788 - Land Surveyed (205 acres) and new church dedicated.

Jan 16, 1804 - St. Paul's joins a five church parish.

Nov 28, 1804 - Church rebuilt and rededicated.

Dec 17, 1817 - Patent deed granted to Conrad Kerschner, Jacob Phillips, John Stoudt, and Jacob Schwenk stating that the church land is to be held "in trust for the Lutheran congregation" and that "this tract of land shall remain in the hands of the Lutheran Trustees and Congregation forever and ever.

1846 - New church building started       (Total cost $4849.95)

1847 - New Building dedicated

1898 - Church interior renovated



1901 - Organ rebuilt and rededicated     (Cost $700.00)

1911 - Lutheran Congregation chartered.

1936 - First constitution and by-laws adopted.

1941 - Pipe organ replaced.

December 15, 1958 - Union church destroyed by fire. Services held in the Friedensburg elementary school.

February 8, 1959 -  Lutheran congregation voted to end the union arrangement with Reformed Church 

Aug 9, 1959 - Plans for present church building approved.

October 2, 1960 - Cornerstone laid for present building.

January 25, 1961 -New building dedicated (800 people attend)

1989 - Pre School Ministry started

Still under construction




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